Zojirushi rice cookers: Top range Japanese rice cooking machines

zojirushi rice cooker

If you want to buy a Zojirushi rice cooker then this post will help you make up your mind which machine to choose. There is now a wide range of Zojirushi rice cookers sold outside Japan so it is important to compare the various machines to discover which one best suits your needs. To find who sells Zojirushi rice cookers, we recommend Amazon as they offer some of the lowest prices online and offer a safe and secure way to order.

While essentially they are all very similar, they are “boxes” that cook rice, there are a wide range of sizes, styles, functions and prices. As Zojirushi rice cookers are top of the range Japanese rice cooking machines they are not the cheapest kitchen appliances available. However they are top quality and offer good value for money. Typically their appliances last for years. My current Zojirushi is so old they no longer sell that particular model and it is still working perfectly after nearly ten years! In this article I shall discuss the various Zojirushi rice cookers that are available to buy in the U.S. and Canada. The way that I will structure this piece is to group the rice cookers by size. Of course there are price differences too but perhaps even more important than price is to decide which size of Zojirushi rice cooker best suits your requirements. Then within the size groupings you can consider the various models whose prices may slightly vary. I have found that ordering online through Amazon is one of the cheaper ways to buy a Zojirushi rice cooker on the internet. Firstly let’s discuss the smallest rice cookers. These are 3 cup machines that are perfect for people living alone as well as couples.

Induction Heating NP-GBC05 · Micom Rizo · Micom NS-LAC05 · Micom NS-VGC05

Out of the four 3 cup Zojirushi appliances featured here it is the 3 cup stainless steel Micom NS-LAC05 that is the most popular. It is about half the price of the Zojirushi NP-GBC05 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer with Induction Heating System and the way it works internally is slightly different. However if you are looking for the best deal, defined by great rice for a reasonable price, then in my opinion, this is it. If you click the picture of the rice cooker that you are interested in you can read many more customer reviews on the Amazon website for single serving rice cookers.

Best quality: Zojirushi NPGBC05 with Induction Heating System

Best value: Zojirushi Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer

This excellent 3 cup rice cooker costs a little over $100. It comes with measuring cup, non-stick rice spatula and rice spatula holder included. This 3 cup Micom machine is perfect for rice lovers who live alone as well as couples. It can actually be used to feed up to 4 people comfortably. It uses Zojirushi’s patented Fuzzy logic technology to control the temperature as the rice is cooking. This means that the rice will never burn. - Full article at www.japanesericecookers.net

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Steel Hardness, German Knives and Japanese Knives

Ever make cookies? Then you know how any single recipe can produce a markedly different result. Kitchen blades’ primary component — steel — can be created with any number of different recipes, each resulting in a blade with unique properties.


Depending on the recipe used, a steel will have a varying degree of “hardness”. Hardness in kitchen knives is a good thing — the harder a blade, the sharper an edge it can tolerate. Just like with cookies, though, too much of a good thing can be overkill. Blades that are too hard can be brittle and prone to breaking or even shattering. Ceramic blades have become less popular in recent years due to their brittleness. Drop a ceramic knife on the floor and you’re out your $300.

Hardness is measured on the Rockwell Hardness Scale (HRC). Measurements are typically in the 55-60 range. Some of the sharpest Japanese knives are hardened to an HRC of more than 60, while Wusthof and Henckels knives are typically closer to 55. It might not sound like much, but a few points on the Rockwell scale can make a big difference.

Blade hardness is probably the biggest difference between Japanese and German knives. Japanese knives are hard, sharp surgical instruments. They are razor-sharp but require careful handling. German knives are duller but require less maintenance. See The Rise and Fall of The Great Knife-Makers for more on this distinction.

Steel Ingredients

Elements of Steel
Steel always contains iron and carbon. Carbon facilitates the transformation of iron into hardened steel. Some of this carbon is absorbed by the iron, but the rest adds hardness to the blade. The more Carbon, the harder the blade.

You’ll hear knives described as “High-Carbon”. This is a good sign — it means that the manufacturer is at least trying to make a hardened blade — but it’s often not enough to distinguish a sub-par blade from a high-quality one. Carbon typically makes up somewhere between 0.5% and 1.5% of a High-Carbon blade.

Beyond iron and carbon, there are several popular additives that contribute various properties to kitchen blade steel.

Chromium adds hardness, like carbon, but also allows the knife to “hold an edge”. This means that the knife can more easily be sharpened and will retain its edge for a longer period of time. Chromium can also contribute to rust-resistance, so is commonly used in stainless steels.

Vanadium allows a knife to retain an extra-sharp edge, while Molybdenum and Manganese contribute hardness and wear-resistance.

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The Japanese chef knife

No single kitchen tool can define a cook more than chef’s knife. The chef’s knife is the most indispensable tool of the kitchen. You can guess a bit about cook’s habit from how the blade is sharp or is it well maintained? Choosing best knife depends on style, design, craftsmanship and material. But the most important is by far the personal preference.
japanese knives
Japan known for the ancient tradition of Samurai Sword making has been producing top quality professional chef’s knives which has been gaining popularity. They have signature razor like edge and are one of the best kitchen knives in the world. Choosing a Japanese chef’s knife is a very personal decision. They are different chef’s knives as they are sharper and have a very thin blade.

Of all the knives I would personally recommend Shun knives for their sharpness and beauty. It is one of the most popular and well known Japanese brands in the US. It is one of the most comprehensive damask steel series worldwide and highly appreciated by top class professional chefs. They will not be the cheapest knives in the world but definitely worth spending a dime if you love cooking. It is made up of high carbon steel. The handle is made up of Pakkawood which is impregnated with resin for durability and is very comfortable. It has the best combination of sharpness, weight and handle comfort of all the knives I have used. The blade is extremely sharp and holds the edge for a long time. From vegetable, fruits to meat it cuts clean and smooth which is what anyone wants from knife. Everything from slicing radishes to butterflying a chicken breast felts completely effortless as if you are working on a butter. But this knives are very fragile and to be maintained carefully.

If you want something unique yet make your work easier I would recommend you to use Japanese chef knives. Here’s an article about how to choose Japanese knives.

Different Knife Sets

Your kitchen deserves a high-quality knife set that can provide all the important knives you will need to prepare food. Buying a knife set can be more convenient and economical than buying individual knives. A basic set can come with two to three knives that are versatile for a wide variety of cutting and slicing needs while bigger sets come with five, seven, or more pieces. Some even come with a cutting board, kitchen scissors, and a knife sharpener.
german knives
If you want to buy the best knife set for a housewarming or wedding, consider something that is packaged in an attractive and presentable case. Shun, Laguiole, and Wusthof are some of the manufacturers with three-piece knifes sets in neat and attractive boxes. For a more impressive gift, consider three-piece knife sets from Tojiro or Savannah. Some knives are packaged in stylish wooden signature boxes.

Buying a knife set can be a great way to improve the quality of your food preparation and your kitchen’s design. You can purchase knives in understated and simple designs if you want to maintain a solid theme for your interiors, or prefer a set of colourful steel knives for a pop of colour in your kitchen. Zyliss, Pyrex, and Scanpan make three-piece stainless steel knife sets in bright and attractive colours.

Some knife sets come with an edgy storage device. For example, the Scanpan classic seven-piece knife set comes with a magnetic rack that can efficiently hold and keep the knives neatly aligned in place. Alternatively, you may choose Global and get a four-piece knife set with a high-quality magnetic rack. You can buy specialty knives as a set, too. Luke Mangan has an attractive parer and chef’s knife set while Jean Neron has four-piece sets of peelers with three knives. Many of these knife sets can be found online from authorised retailers of designer and high-end kitchenware.

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This is how we identified our first 2 slice toaster


When I joined campus sometime last year, I knew too well that I wouldn’t survive without a toaster in my small kitchen. My roommate and I decided to shop around and purchase the most appropriate toaster for our kitchen. Of course, we had to put various factors into considerations. One of the things that we had to admit from the word go is that there is a huge variety of these kitchen appliances in the market. For this reason, choosing the right one wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. Nevertheless, we were ready for the task ahead.  In that case, after reading a couple of good toaster reviews, we settled on a cheap, durable and small kitchen appliance. We have been using it for the past fourteen months and it’s all good.

First and foremost, we had to decide the right size of the appliance for us. This wasn’t such a difficult decision to make considering that we are just the two of us and we hardly have any visitors- just occasionally. In that case, we settled for a 2 slice toaster. At the very least, it would toast the right amount of bread for us during breakfast. Also, we don’t have much space in the kitchen. For this reason, a smaller appliance is more appropriate.

Another factor that we put into account was the material used in making the appliance. I will not go into detail here because people have different preferences. My roommate and I chose something long lasting. Additionally, we were looking for a material that doesn’t rust easily and one that is easy to clean.

The last thing that my Victoria and I needed was to struggle with an appliance that is difficult to operate. The ease of use of the toaster was a critical factor when selecting the appliance. The price was also something that we factored in. since none of us is working, we rely on the money sent to us by our folks. This means that it must be used sparingly to avoid a possible shortage. (More: Choosing the right toaster)

Are you in the process of buying a toaster? Can you relate to my situation? Whatever the case, I hope you find this information useful.

Even Beginners Can Get Complex Jobs Done

For those who enjoy sewing, or make their livelihood from it, know the splendor of having a powerful and convenient machine. Work becomes much easier and enjoyable. Also, the items being always sewn turn out perfectly in the shortest time possible. If you are a beginner, then you are spoilt for choice when it comes to using the Brother sewing machines.


Brother sewing machines are a state of the art and are also very reliable. As a beginner, it was quite the best asset I own. After all, the machine is computerized making it much easier to use. The machine has a variety of built-in stitch functionalities as well as various designs, lettering fonts and even an embroidery function. There are also additional features that include an automatic button holder and a needle position. This machine gives me the liberty of dealing with stretchy, fleece and also elastic fabrics with ease. So, practically, all the work gets done for me. With such a sewing machine, as a beginner, I was able to get work done faster and accurately.

The best advantage of the Brother sewing machine is the option to choose between a mechanical and an electronic machine. The electronic version is the best because with minimal manipulation; I get most of the work done without difficulty. Also, its safety features ensure that even though am not as conversant with the machine as a professional, I can still use it. The electronic sewing machine has an LED screen, an array of presser feet as well as touchpad controls. Also, it is easy to assemble.

The top Brother sewing machines for beginners include CS5055PRW and the Brother SE400; which is more advanced. With all the features that the Brother Sewing Machines have to offer, as a beginner, you have a great chance to accomplishing complex tasks.

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Make Your Brown Rice Your Best Friend

I kept consuming white rice, until I found out the massive benefits of brown rice. I am not in a diet process, but this kind of rice can deliver lots of health advantages for me and the whole family members. Well, I don’t have to explain the definition of the brown rice and how it delivers the whole nutrition that a human body needs. What I want to tell you is that, I started cooking brown rice with my conventional rice cooker. I was surprised that the result was not as I have expected before. Some of my friends told me that brown rice may deliver its magic taste, with the right cooking equipment. So, I started browsing around to know what is the best rice cooker for brown rice.


I came into conclusion that reputable brands from Japan and China which offer rice cookers for brown rice, as most of the Asian people consume it. So, I chose a Japanese brand, with the best features that fit my needs. I bought the biggest one that can feed more than five people, so I don’t have to cook rice two or three times a day, especially when there are some visiting guests around.

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My rice cooker is not a specific rice cooker for brown rice. Once I got the recipe book, I tried to explore my creativity in creating rice recipes, that most of my family members like. They include rice salad, chicken soup with brown rice, risottos and even oatmeal. Yet, The main reason why I chose this brand and series is its low-cost heating technology. Do you believe that my 1000-watt cooker only consumes less than 0.40KW during the cooking process.

As it can cook many kinds of recipes, you might think that it requires a complicated process to cook any recipe. It is somewhat surprising to see that I only have to do the regular process of cooking, as what I used to do with my conventional rice cooker.

The Best Air Mattresses I Would Recommend You

There are so many air mattresses out there such that, selecting the best air mattress is not only becoming a challenging and daunting task, but it is also increasingly becoming confusing. That is why we are advising you to read more tips on how to select a great air mattress. Based on air mattress reviews, we hereby recommended these best air mattresses to you with a 100% certainty that they will offer the comfort and quality you are longing for.


1. Coleman Double-High Quickbed

Most users have lauded the unmatched comfort offered by this superb air mattress. It features a triple layer elevation that is designed to make this mattress tall and firm as possible. It also comes with a soft plush top that is tailored for luxurious comfort and a comfortable coil system that is designed for great support. It is also popular for coming with an airtight system that features a double lock valve, hence ensuring that it remains inflated for several days.

2. Insta-Bed Raised

The air mattress comes with a AC pump that is perfectly designed for purposes of inflating and deflating this air mattress with ease. It features a customizable firmness selection and a carry/ storage bag. Due to its raised height, getting in and out of your bed is less of a task. It is therefore ideal for high beds.

3. Smart Ultra Tough

This is one of the must-carry items when going for a camping trip, thanks to the fact that it is designed for outdoor and camping use. The air mattress comes with a hand-held rechargeable pump that is easy to carry and use when inflating and deflating it. It is also capable of supporting extra weight that other ordinary sleeping mattresses are unable to support. It provides a cross beam support that is designed for back support. With a polyester laminated finish, the air mattress is not only great for outdoor use but also for indoor use. It comes with spectacular caveats which are designed for purposes of holding bedding in place and preventing them from falling off.

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What I Have Been Able To Get From The Best Cookware Set


Having had a not so good experience with a number of cookware sets in the past, I have learned to be very careful with the choice I make. For example, a few months ago I needed the best cookware set and knowing very well how a bad choice could impact with the way I normally cooked in my kitchen, I made up my mind that I was going to go for nothing, but the best. Sadly, the industry having seen tons and tons of these items being created, I knew making a perfect choice was going to be an uphill task. Thankfully, I knew a friend who lived across town; she operated one of the best fast food joints in town and once in a while she came across some of the best cookware set. I called her and we had a chance to talk about some of the best cookware choices out there. At the end, she gave me a choice and without wasting time, the next thing I knew I was looking for nonstick cookware reviews.

It is now months since I bought the copper cookware set and if all what I have been able to do with them is anything to go by, I would actually go for them again and again. First of all is all bout versatility; the kind of versatility I have been able to get from the best cookware set is another thing. It is just strikes seeing how I can do quite an array of cooking with the set. From frying, boiling among other types of cooking, I can now do them with so much ease. As if that is not even enough; the kind of durability they came with is simply mind blowing. I have had them in my kitchen for months and it is amazing how they still look great and shiny after each wash. Last but not least; thanks to the way the inner surfaces have been designed, my cookware can preserve the flavor and aroma of my cooking.

Overall, what I have been able to get from my cookware set are virtually endless. My advice to other people; if you have always wanted to be a part of great cooking, I would suggest you go for the best cookware. I have them in my kitchen and I truly know what they can do. Although, the best could cost a little bit more the benefits are far reaching making this kind of items worthwhile.

The best kitchen knife


Over many years of being a chef, I have had a large struggle with getting the right utensils. Luckily, most kitchenware is easy to find and has many trusted brands, however kitchen knives and cutlery is harder to find, as there are many companies producing it now and you don’t know who to trust! I know many of you also struggle with this, as I have received many a question about ‘what are the best kitchen knives’ or ‘what kitchen knives do you use’. As you know, I too struggled with this when I started cooking, and I hope that I’ll be able to give you advice from my experience.

As a child, I liked to cook. My parents were quite modern, however they didn’t see the point in being more ‘up to date’ cutlery and kitchen knives, so I started looking into the best kitchen knives. At first, I was so overwhelmed, I just gave up. There were millions of different types of kitchen knives, but which one to choose? I started off using no-brand supermarket ones, which, although poor quality, were surprisingly good. The blade stayed sharp for large periods of time, they didn’t rust easily nor fall apart. I have to admit, I was impressed by the quality of such a cheap knife, but I wanted to know the absolute best so I started working my way up through different prices. Medium priced knives, high end professional knives – I tried them all! By now some of you may be thinking, ‘it’s just a knife, does it really matter?’ but yes, it does. If you have a heavy knife, you won’t be able to use it properly while a knife that could rust is hazardous to you and your health. This is why I was so careful.

Now, after many years, I find myself leaning toward cheap, supermarket knives as you can replace them easily and cheaply and are good quality. I really do think that they are the best chef knives for money and would thoroughly recommend them to you. Thank for you reading!

Espresso: From a delicacy to a household staple


Now that it is impossible to start the day without a shot of the holy nectar of gods, i.e. coffee, I find it incredible that as a child, that same brew had made me splutter and spit as I took my first sip. When the British parliament had imposed the tea tax in 1773, nobody could have dreamt that coffee would become the such a favorite with Americans that we wouldn’t leave it even after the Revolution. It is not widely known, but coffee had become so popular that during the civil war, it was the primary ration of the soldiers.

But what decided America in coffee’s favour was the invention of the coffee percolator, which made brewing coffee a less messy and a more efficient affair. Surprisingly, it is not the Americans who drink the most coffee in the world, but the Scandinavian countries, with a per capita consumption of almost 2.5 cups a day, who are closely followed by Europe. Apparently the whole world has been having a perpetual and glorious love affair with coffee.

And why not? With the variety of drinks that can be made from coffee, like cafe latte, cappuccino, and espresso, its taste is suited to all kinds of people, those who love too much sweet, those who love bitter sweet, and those who don’t love sweet at all.

Today, a day without a good shot of espresso seems like a day in an alternate universe, with no rainbows, cute cats and dogs, babies, and doughnuts. So as I sat with a mug of espresso trying to decide what I should write about, I realized that I actually know nothing about this extraordinary drink. It is rather sad fact that when we have avoided a much deplorable fate, like a world where coffee is a delicacy, and not a daily convenience, we simply forget about how the world as it is came to be. Therefore, I decided to find out about how exactly we avoided this sad alternate reality, and what I found was a story about a most extraordinary man who had a vision to see the advantages of coffee, and how it would be if it wasn’t possible for humanity to get its daily shot of caffeine.

I’m talking about the man who made it possible for every household to have a coffee maker and look at it as a vital part of the life instead of as an indulgence. The espresso machine was invented in as early as 1884 by an Italian named Angelo Morriondo. It was improved in 1901 by another Italian who went by the name of Luigi Bezzera, who patent was purchased by another Italian called Desiderio Pavoni, who started the manufacture of the first espresso machines. But none of these brilliant people are the ones I’m referring to. The gift of superior coffee that is a staple for us was given to us by Achille Gaggia, another Italian, who is also the founder of the Gaggia Milano, a company that manufactures only espresso machines, famous by the name of Gaggia espresso maker.

It was Gaggia’s piston driven mechanism of making coffee that is responsible for the beloved foam, the intense aroma, and the wonderfully lovely flavour of coffee. He invented this mechanism in 1938, before which steam driven machines were popular.

However, By 1948, Gaggia espresso makers were everywhere, in the form of commercial machines as well as the home espresso machines. So today, as we go through our day on the energy given to us by the gods of coffee, let us take a moment to thank them and Gaggia for the beautiful and life giving invention of great espresso makers, and enjoy a shot of espresso as a tribute.